Annual 2-day Management Conference

Annual 2-day Management Conference

Last week 57 of Waterman Aspen’s management and business support teams gathered for their annual 2-day conference at the Hilton Hotel East Midlands Airport.

The agenda included discussions led by MD Chris Chaplin on where the business is now and the 3-year future plan. Waterman IE Chief Operating Officer Neil Humphrey gave an insight into recent changes in Group with a perspective on how Waterman Aspen fits alongside its sister companies.

Donnie Matheson and Linda McGregor presented their findings from the Best Practice Review exercise run over the last 6 months, promoting consistency in training and learning within the company from region to region.

Practical group sessions in the afternoon rounded off the formal part of the first day, everyone re-convening for team bonding, rest and relaxation over dinner and drinks.

The second day kicked off with further practical workshops and presentations. The final session after lunch concentrated on future business and concluded with achievements from the conference. A feedback survey for attendees will follow.

Overall, a really valuable team building and networking exercise. We expect next year will see an enlarged management team in attendance as Waterman Aspen continues expansion apace.


COVID-19 Update

Waterman Aspen continues to monitor and update its response to the constantly changing situation facing the country and the consultancy and construction industry.

We hope you are all well and safe and should you have any questions or would simply like to talk please do get in touch.